Social Psychology is Fun!


There are so many research studies out there that help give proof to some theories. Some theories are good, some not so good.

Here are 10 studies that reveal some not so good things about humanity

The above image is from this youtube video describing something called a bystander effect. A bystander effect occurs when a person in need is less likely to get help with a larger crowd of bystanders. The bystander effect is also on the above list.


Sinister is Really Sinister

I’m such a huge fan of horror movies, it’s hard to find a good one that really gets under my skin. Sinister was one of the few that did just that.

The opening scene sets the entire tone of the movie, and will leave you extremely unsettled. Ethan I-can-do-anything Hawke’s presence continually reminded me that I wasn’t actually watching a snuff film. He always impresses me with his ability to adapt in any role that’s thrown at him. He’s such a wonderful actor, and he really makes the movie plot believable.

It’s best not to try and predict the plot. You should just go in with no expectations, especially since this movie was produced by the same guys attached to Insidious (a fail of a horror movie, which was such a bummer since I’m a huge fan of James Wan and Leigh Whannell) and Paranormal Activity.

Unlike Insidious, this movie doesn’t try hard to scare you. It takes raw fear and lets it sit in the pit of your stomach right till the end. Watch this movie, but avoid watching it in the dark.


New Advice Page

Hey everyone!

I just created an advice page in order to help me practice giving some helpful advice as I plan to become a counsellor in the near future, after I’ve finished university.

I am probably one of the most nonjudgmental person you will ever talk to when it comes to personal matters. Having struggled with, and overcoming anxiety and depression myself, worrying about how others will judge you often is the deciding factor against seeking some advice. Whatever you want to talk about will be free from any judgment. This is a free and open space. I hope you reach out to me, and I hope that I can provide some comfort.

For more information, check out the page by clicking on the Advice Page tab located in the menu bar.

Lots of love,


Annie Leibovitz is a Genius

Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portraits help breathe magic into beloved Disney characters. She photographs celebrities posed as Disney characters we’ve all grown to know and love. 

Honestly, her work is beautiful and really captures the magical world of Disney.

You can check out the collection and some behind the scenes action here

Django Unchained Review

I normally am not a fan of Tarantino movies, but I extremely enjoyed this movie. I think a little too much actually.

This movie had a lot of bad rep coming from Spike Lee, but honestly people who were offended by this movie have to seriously reconsider what they’re actually offended by. Tarantino does use racial slurs quite freely and frequently in this movie, but I think in the context of the film, it made sense. Historically, that’s how people were treated during the slave era. With his harsh language, and controversial topics, Tarantino was trying to prove the point of how ridiculous people treated others based on racial difference. People who were outraged by this film need to calm their tits. It’s a movie.

The acting was superb and everything I would have hoped it to be. The actor who really impressed me the most was Leonardo Dicaprio. In the scene where he smashes his hand down on the table, he gashes his hand open and it starts bleeding profusely. Now most actors who injure themselves while the cameras are rolling typically would break character and say shit, I’m bleeding, but great actors are the ones that keep in character (Like when Viggo Mortensen actually broke his toe in a scene in The Two Towers). Leo, being a great actor, keeps his composure. He doesn’t even flinch when the broken glass slices his hand open. He even goes as far as to wipe his real blood all over poor Kerry Washington’s face! When the scene was done, he required stitches for his injury, no big deal or anything…

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat. If I could sum up this movie in one word, it would have to be intense. From start to finish, Tarantino keeps the intensity fresh and undying. Never have I been excited over a Tarantino film, but now I can say that I have been.


Unemployment Blues?

Some of my fellow peers who have graduated university are struggling to find a job now, even though they have an undergraduate degree under their belt. Many of you are stressed out and struggle with the dreaded feeling of being unemployed. You put all this effort into getting a degree, and you can’t possibly subject yourself to making Big Macs at McDonald’s!

Well friends, maybe there’s some perks to being unemployed after all! Or at least you can tell yourself there are to make yourself feel better.

Check out the 21 reasons why it’s okay to be out of work right after graduation here.

Enjoy the warmer weather!

Innovated Ad Spreads the Importance of Preventing Child Abuse

An interesting advertisement with a hidden secret. Adults passing this sign will see this child’s face as the above image shows, but children who pass this sign see something quite different. In the eyes of the passing child, the child’s face in the ad is bruised and cut with a message that says “If someone hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you.”

An anti-child abuse organization; Fundacion ANAR, wanted to raise awareness that children have the ability to take action if they are being abused, and that there are people who can help them out of the situation. Adults can’t see what the children see due to the great height difference between a child and an adult. The ad takes advantage of this height difference and overlays two different images, both of which can only be seen at specific angles.

Take a look at the ad in action here

Child abuse is a growing cause of concern. It makes me elated to see that innovative ideas like this help spread awareness that child abuse often goes unnoticed, and an issue that must be prevented.