Have Trouble Sleeping?

Woman’s Day lists a whole sleep schedule leading to healthier sleep habits! (And it’s not just for women either!). You can check out the proposed schedule to better sleep here!

Being in Psychology, I also learned about good sleep habits. It’s important to keep you bed solely for the purpose of sleeping (and other fun nighttime activities if you will, just not anything work related). When in bed, try not to make the habit of needing to read before you sleep, or be on the computer while in bed. If you get into that habit, you’ll often need to do those behaviours in order to get sleepy. Also, you want to avoid doing work on your bed, especially during the day. This makes your brain subconsciously associate work with the bed itself, and can prevent you from feeling sleepy in bed.

Another important thing is to keep the lights off. Light wakes your brain up, and can make it harder for you to get to sleep. If you need a light on, keep it as dim as possible!

One last thing to do if you’re tossing and turning and can’t seem to fall asleep is to get out of bed and do something relaxing for 15 minutes. This is to take off the pressure of having to fall asleep. Limit this time to 15 minutes since you don’t want to over stimulate your brain with whatever you’re doing to distract yourself from thinking about having to falling asleep. Go grab a glass of water! Read a magazine! This distraction is important since the frustration associated with your focus on having to fall asleep will only make it harder.

Sleep well readers!


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