The Hangover III Review

It was way better than that train wreck of a sequel. In my opinion, Todd Phillips should have just taken the money from the first Hangover and ran. Ran away terribly, terribly fast.

The Hangover II was a carbon copy of the first, but I was glad to see that Phillips did something different with III, even though the plot was pretty predictable. III had some cringe-worthy moments where it just tried too hard to be funny, and failed, due in part to the script work, and in part to Zach Galifianakis’ portrayal of Alan in round III. Despite the bad moments of overacting, there were some genuinely funny moments that override the cheesiness of the film.

The addition of the talented Melissa McCarthy and Heather Graham were a nice touch. Phillips was smart in casting John Goodman as the villain, since you can do no wrong with that bear of a man. Stick around when the credits roll, it’s the hardest I laughed during the entire film.

All in all, it was just okay. I needed more of Ed Helms though, since I genuinely think he’s the funniest out of the  wolfpack, and I could always, always use more Bradley Cooper. Always. If you’re a Hangover fan, wait for DVD. If you’re unknown to the series, just watch the first film, It’s actually a very good comedy. Forget about the sequels though, you’re not missing much.



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