Where in the World Is…

…This power couple of the 90’s?

When I was a kid, I liked to pretend that the world was a magical place to live in, and that somewhere out there, Sabrina the teenage witch really existed. The show lasted for seven seasons, and the series finale brought back Harvey Kinkle (the on again/off again beau of Sabrina’s life), which really brought the entire series full circle. Since then, she’s enjoying the married life, complete with three sons, and still balancing an acting career. She’s appeared in several tv movies, and her current project is the ABC Family sitcom; Melissa and Joey, which is in its third season.

He was the Finn Hudson of the 90’s

Nate Richert, no longer acting, has pursued a career as a musician. I did not see that coming, that’s for sure. Apparently, he’s quite talented. A singer/songwriter, this bluegrass babe has the ability to play several instruments, and he recently released an album entilted Halogen Moon in December 2012. You can preview and purchase it here 

My childhood dreams…


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