Please Take a Moment to Read This – Cheerios Takes a Step Forward

There’s a new Cheerios ad portraying an interracial couple, and their mixed-race child. Apparently there’s been a considerable amount of backlash about the ad, and many negative comments were made demeaning the interracial family portrayed.

There were even comments about the ad on Reddit, and to give you an example of the disgusting racial hate, one user wrote: “now all we need is a black character on tv that speaks in full sentences and we’re set!”

Are you kidding me? Apparently the ad on Youtube received too many ugly racial comments, and the comment feature needed to be disabled. It upsets me so much that some people of America, and probably others in the world, are so unaccepting of people who are in an interracial relationship, and it surprises me that there’s that much backlash over this Cheerios commercial.

To be honest, the ad is quite funny, pulls on your heart-strings, and really gives you a sense of warmth. The fact that people are making racist comments, and that this ad is getting so much heat for portraying an interracial couple and their mixed-race child downright disgusts me. Families are families, whether they consist of interracial parents, two mothers, two fathers, single parents, etc. There’s no longer this ‘standard’ to what families have to be like, and people need to start getting the fuck used to it.

The article about the backlash complete with the most detail can be seen here and the darling Cheerios ad can be seen here


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