Hello World, I’m Back

Life has moved pretty quickly the past 7 months. I changed a lot, and grown up a lot. I got to start over. Graduate school applications are done, and now I play the waiting game. With school officially over for the time being, I find myself with a lot more free time; I thought about how I missed blogging.

So here I am, a little more wiser, and a little more patched up. For the first time, in a very long time, I feel new; like a phoenix rising from the ashes; reborn. It’s rather refreshing. I’m with someone new. He’s rather refreshing — my bearded hard-working writer — he makes me happy. Love is such a funny thing; it never really works in the way you expect it to. It changes, it shapes, it’s versatile. I don’t regret everything I’ve been through in the past, since it’s what led me here, to this very moment; back on the blogging sphere, back to myself. I’ve missed you.


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