A Job’s a Job!

I work as a part-time waitress during school, and let me tell you, there’s a lot of shit that gets thrown at you sometimes. The job really keeps you on your toes, and tests your ability to hold back and keep a smile plastered on your face, even through the worst times.

The great thing about being a server is that you often have juicy stories to tell, and it just so happens that I’m about to share a great one with you.

This incident happened a couple of weeks after I had just gotten hired. Being fairly new at things, I didn’t exactly have our extensive menu memorized. Enter Man. Man had just ordered some takeout over the phone, and the way takeout orders work at my job is that the servers are responsible for packing everything together after the food has been made. I was unaware at the time that this particular dish Man ordered came with hot sauce on the side, so I didn’t put hot sauce in the bag with the food. Man takes his food and leaves the restaurant.

About twenty minutes or so pass, and Man calls the restaurant telling me that I forgot his hot sauce and asks me how he’s supposed to eat this meal without the hot sauce. I stand there kind of stunned. If this guy loved hot sauce so much, why didn’t he have any in his fridge? I explain to him that I’m sorry and that I’m new at this job and didn’t know that the dish came with hot sauce on the side. Man tells me to grab a piece of paper and a pen, and he tells me to write his full name down and his phone number. I do so, since I was unsure of what else to do. After I write down his information, he says to me ‘Now you tell me what you can do for me, since you made the mistake’.  I’ve never been treated this way by anyone before, so I just sort of let out this weird nervous laugh and I say ‘I’m not really sure what to do, I’m really sorry, but if you need the hot sauce, maybe you can stop by and pick up some from our restaurant?’. He doesn’t like this at all. He goes off telling me how he shouldn’t make the effort to go there, and how I should accommodate his wants because I was the one who forgot his hot sauce.

My manager sees the panicked look on my face as he was kept updated on the conversation. He tells me to tell Man that we’ll deliver the hot sauce to him. I explain to Man the option of delivering the hot sauce and he seems satisfied with this. We called the delivery driver and to make sure Man was extremely satisfied, I took a takeout soup container and filled it with enough hot sauce that would last him a good couple days. I wrote a nice little note too, saying that I was sorry and hoped that he had a wonderful night. I even included a smiley face, not out of sarcasm, but embarrassment.

Needless to say, I never forgot the hot sauce ever again that’s for sure.