Hello World, I’m Back

Life has moved pretty quickly the past 7 months. I changed a lot, and grown up a lot. I got to start over. Graduate school applications are done, and now I play the waiting game. With school officially over for the time being, I find myself with a lot more free time; I thought about how I missed blogging.

So here I am, a little more wiser, and a little more patched up. For the first time, in a very long time, I feel new; like a phoenix rising from the ashes; reborn. It’s rather refreshing. I’m with someone new. He’s rather refreshing — my bearded hard-working writer — he makes me happy. Love is such a funny thing; it never really works in the way you expect it to. It changes, it shapes, it’s versatile. I don’t regret everything I’ve been through in the past, since it’s what led me here, to this very moment; back on the blogging sphere, back to myself. I’ve missed you.


Forever (summertime)sadness

First things first, I’m back people! Sorry I’ve been on a hiatus for so long, I had to put my leisure activities on hold while I focused on my last year of undergrad. Now that I’ve successfully applied to grad school, I can start getting back to my life and the things I really enjoy

My first blog post of 2014 (a little late I might add, I know) is going to be about my passionate hate that all of you share or have shared. Tickets went on sale today to the general public for Lana Del Rey’s North American tour. Like a maniac, I tried to get my hands on some pre-sale tickets with no luck. Naturally I was even more stressed out when tickets went on sale today at 11am. I was primed and ready, and I even had a little help from my housemates just to score 2 tickets to her Toronto show.

I’ve never really had any problems purchasing concert tickets before from Ticketmaster and Live Nation, until today. I started refreshing the page at 10:59am like a crazy person and kept getting the same anxiety-inducing message saying that the tickets were in high demand. We tried for about 45 minutes until Ticketmaster locked our IP address accusing us of being scalpers

Whoops. Note to everyone buying high demand tickets, don’t get your friends to help you if you don’t want your IP address blocked temporarily by Ticketmaster. Sorry for being a super-crazed nut trying to secure 2 tickets. Thankfully, I had Ticketmaster up on my phone and was refreshing that page as well since 11am. High demand, high demand, high demand. Over and over again, like some sick merry-go-round ride with it’s riders chained to the circus animals. Long story short, 12pm hit and I never ended up getting through, and finally a messaged flashed saying sorry there were no tickets matching your search.

Literally me right now

Heartbroken, I’m not ashamed to admit I cried a little two hours later. Stubhub has balcony tickets starting at $150, when those tickets retail for $40. The big kicker; there are more than 1000 tickets on Stubhub available for her Toronto show with the most expensive seat selling for almost $10,000. That’s right $10,000.

I just wanted to say a big FUCK YOU to all of you dicks that purchased tickets for the show just to screw everyone over and sell your tickets at batshit crazy prices. We fans just want to attend to show to enjoy the experience, and listen to the artist we love live. Extortion is wrong, scalping tickets is wrong. The fact that all you assholes take advantage of fans is twisted, and I hope you burn in hell forever.

To the fans who did manage to get a ticket miraculously, I congratulate you and I’m overtly envious. Here’s hoping she adds another Toronto show to her lineup, because these ticket shenanigans are ridiculous

TLDR; Scalpers are dicks





New Advice Page

Hey everyone!

I just created an advice page in order to help me practice giving some helpful advice as I plan to become a counsellor in the near future, after I’ve finished university.

I am probably one of the most nonjudgmental person you will ever talk to when it comes to personal matters. Having struggled with, and overcoming anxiety and depression myself, worrying about how others will judge you often is the deciding factor against seeking some advice. Whatever you want to talk about will be free from any judgment. This is a free and open space. I hope you reach out to me, and I hope that I can provide some comfort.

For more information, check out the page by clicking on the Advice Page tab located in the menu bar.

Lots of love,